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Thanks To HIT Anti Roach Gel, Now I Can Do Pest Control Myself

Many believe that a clean and well-kept house is pest free and doesn’t need to get pest control. But that is not necessarily true. Pest infestation in home has nothing to do with the fact that the house is spotless clean or hasn’t been broomed or mopped for days together. Pests, especially cockroaches can get attracted to your home for various reasons, like the food available on your kitchen top or the warmth in the corners of your living room. The home is nothing less than a grocery store for the common household pests and they can cause serious damage if you don’t stop them in time.

Some pests like rats, ants make their presence very obvious by their movements. However there are some dangerous ones like cockroaches which are nocturnal and peep out only in the night and you may not know about their presence for days together. They love to reside in warm, dark and moist places in the cracks, or hard-to-reach corners. Hence it is important to get regular pest control and kill cockroaches.

But pest control in lockdown has taken a back seat in many homes. Many believe that they are cleaning the home themselves and every nook and corner of the house is spotless clean, so pest control is not all that important. But that is absolutely not true. Cleaning home is very different from doing pest control.

Here are five reasons why regular pest control is important to kill cockroaches regularly:

1.Pests can pose serious health threats 

The very sight of pests in homes is unpleasant. They are nothing less than a nuisance but they pose more serious threat than that. Some of the most common pests like cockroaches are capable of transferring terrible diseases. The tricky part is that it is impossible to know if the pest is carrying a disease or not. So it is advisable to be cautious and get pest control regularly.

Cockroaches pick up bacteria while crawling along unhygienic surfaces and when they move over uncovered food, they can cause food contamination. Also they easily contaminate surfaces with their body parts like hair, saliva and excreta. Kill Cockroaches on the first sight because they spread some serious diseases like Salmonella and Dysentery. Cockroaches can even cause severe allergy through their saliva and faeces. If the cockroach happens to bite you then it can cause itching and swelling too.

2.Pest control is important to keep food safe and healthy

Just like humans, pests also need food, water and shelter to survive. And kitchen in our household provides them with perfect conditions they need to survive. Keeping pet food in the open, leaving used utensils in the sink overnight and keeping the kitchen top greasy and dirty overnight, are some conditions which attract cockroaches. From filth to your plates, the cockroach can roam around anywhere and leave behind traces of bacteria on your supposedly clean utensils. It is important to kill cockroaches because they easily contaminate the food without you even realising. This makes the food unhealthy and unfit to be consumed. However, unaware of the presence of cockroaches in home, people tend to consume the same food and fall sick. The root cause of sickness goes unnoticed for days together. So get pest control done to kill cockroaches at regular intervals and lead a healthy life.

3.Cockroach infestation starts small and grows quickly into a serious trouble

Sight of one cockroach usually doesn’t ring an alarm for many people. It seems to be insignificant and they either throw a newspaper or a slipper to kill cockroaches and believe that there is no need of pest control.  However the problem doesn’t end there. It starts from there. 

Once you kill cockroaches, its nest stays safe. Cockroach nests are usually unnoticed and untraceable as they hide in some corners or deep in a cluttered area. Also, cockroaches lay as many as 16 eggs at a time. So when you kill a cockroach, in all probability there is an army of cockroach in your household that is preparing for the attack. They can quickly travel to other sites and spread cockroach infestation everywhere. So quickly do a pest control at home and prevent your house from a massive attack.

4.Cockroaches can make your home unpleasant to live in

Once the cockroach infestation is established, you will find their droppings in the entire home, especially below the sink and in your kitchen. These droppings look similar to pepper but it is an unpleasant sight and you have to clean it. You might kill cockroaches easily but cleaning their droppings every morning is a pain in itself. Foul smell is another problem in serious cockroach infestation. Even after you get the pest control done, it takes some time, before the smell fades away.

5.Pest control gives you a stress-free happy life

Any sign of unwanted creature in the house is unpleasant and cockroach can literally give us shivers and even a headache. They can make your life a misery. The thought of cockroaches crawling on the kitchen tops, leaving droppings everywhere and getting inside the closet is the biggest nightmare one can have.

For some it is tough to kill cockroaches and others believe that the biggest weapon to work against cockroach is a newspaper or a slipper. But when you try to kill cockroaches, they fly so quickly that eliminating them becomes really tough. Also they give us all surprises by jumping out of bins and cans, and by the time you reach out for a newspaper or a repellent, to kill cockroaches, they  disappear. Sometimes they come in such huge quantities that tracing to kill cockroaches becomes a humongous task. So don’t fall back on such techniques to kill cockroaches. You should aim at eliminating the cockroaches and HIT anti roach gel does exactly that. It not just kills cockroaches, it eliminates them by destroying their nests.

We all are sceptical to get a professional pest control in lockdown. The fear of exposing the home to an unknown person is real. Also rendering services of a professional pest control, can burn a hole in our pockets as they are expensive and required to be done at regular intervals. So why not pick up your weapons and do the pest control of your home, yourself. Sounds scary?

Well, it isn’t. Because do it yourself pest control for cockroaches is easy and pocket friendly with an anti-roach gel like HIT anti roach gel. It is used to kill cockroaches and is an effective way of do it yourself pest control.

There are many remedies to kill cockroaches and various do it yourself pest control options which appear to get the job done. But in reality they attack just the tip of the ice-berg. Such remedies for pest control take care of only what you see on the surface, while the main source of infestation – the nest is hidden away from our eyes. That’s why it is important to destroy the cockroach nest for effective do it yourself pest control.

HIT anti roach gel does exactly that. It is a nest-killer and not just kills cockroaches but eliminates their infestation completely. The HIT anti roach gel is made of special ingredients which attracts cockroaches. Once the cockroach comes in contact with the anti roach gel, it eats the gel, goes back to the nest and dies. It kills cockroaches that come in contact with the dead cockroach, thus destroying the entire nest. Do it yourself pest control to kill cockroaches couldn’t have become easier.

It is one of the most effective and easy to do pest control methods to kill cockroaches. For best results, follow the detailed process of using the HIT anti roach gel:

  • Fuss free and easy to use: HIT anti roach gel is an innovative anti roach gel, which is odourless. So you needn’t tie a scarf around your nose before you use it. HIT anti roach gel doesn’t cause any discomfort while applying it. It comes in a syringe form (as shown in the picture) and that makes it very easy to use.
  • When you use the tube for the first time, click it at least 7-8 times so that excess air in the tube is released and the gel starts coming out.
  • Once the gel starts coming, apply at least 20 dots at a time.
  • For effective and thorough pest control, use the HIT anti roach gel in your kitchen especially under the sink, along the cupboard, door and drawers hinges, under the shelves, along the corners of your refrigerator and furniture, along the circumference of the gas cylinder, in the store and other areas prone to cockroach infestation. 
  • While applying the gel, remember to apply it in dry areas only. Damp and wet areas should be avoided as they can wash away the gel and not give you the desired results.
  • This process takes hardly 5-10 minutes of your time and should be repeated every 45 days for the best and effective do it yourself pest control at home.

In addition to this, follow the steps to prevent cockroach infestation in your home.

  • Clear all the dustbins and even wash them daily. Always use bins with a lid that fits on the bin properly. Dustbin kept under the sink in the kitchen is the most favourable breeding ground for cockroaches. So keep them clean and sealed.
  • Store food in sealed, air tight containers and do not leave it open ever. Even cooked food should be covered with a lid always.
  • Pet food containers should be emptied before dozing off to sleep.
  • Never accumulate dishes in the wash basin after a meal or food preparation. Also, don’t leave dirty utensils in the sink overnight.
  • Remember I said, cockroaches are nocturnal and love to roam in the night. So before you doze off to sleep, wipe off the kitchen top and gas top clean. Make sure there is no residue of food stuck to the corners that might attract roaches.
  • Clean your kitchen appliances like food processors, juicers and mixer grinders regularly. Food spills and grease is pretty common on them and they are often ignored. Even underneath the refrigerator and microwave are hot spots for cockroaches. Check them before it’s too late.
  • Follow a regular cleaning regime where you periodically clean all the nook and corners of the house to remove any unwanted crumbs of food or any other organic waste. Cleaning the dark corners is of utmost importance.
  • Keep a check on all the leaks and spills from sinks underneath the kitchen top. Damp spaces are ideal for cockroach infestation. So avoid them as far as possible.
  • Clean all bits of snacking residues from the living room and corners of the sofas and chests.
  • Don’t store a lot of newspapers and cardboard boxes. If at all you wish to store them, do so in a closed cupboard.
  • Keep a check on the signs of pest infestation and any cockroach droppings under the sink in the kitchen.
  • Keep the doors and windows sealed by using a door seal around the edges.


If you follow the above steps diligently, you can easily keep your home safe from cockroaches. But you need to do pest control regularly to kill and even avoid any infestation of cockroaches. Just remember to keep your home less desirable and less accessible to the roaches and use the Hit anti roach gel every 45 days. Using the anti roach gel, you can easily get the pest control like effect on your own. It is absolutely safe and a fuss free way of do it yourself pest control. So try it to believe it.



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