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Never Thought I Could Do All the Household Work by Myself

It was about mid-March and life was going smoothly. My son had finished with his final exams and was enjoying the 10 day break that he had got before school reopened again. We were contemplating whether to take a mini vacation or not, considering the fact that a few stray cases of Corona had already been reported. Then on March 24th, we sat with bated breath in front of our TV screens listening to the Prime Minister addressing the nation. He officially declared a 21 day long complete lockdown.

Initially the mind was calm, the verdict had been given and that too a rational one. My son lapsed into a state of euphoria, since his vacation had been further extended for almost an entire month. As he did a little jig in front of the TV, my mind was working in overdrive mode. With no maid coming to the house for the next few days, I made a list of the various chores that had to be taken care of. It didn’t look very tough then.“I will just have to be more organised,” I said to myself.

I even told my husband and son about the share of chores that they would have to handle in the upcoming days. Promises were made, schedules were drawn out, home was stocked with supplies, and we were ready to face the lockdown head on.

The initial few days went by in a frenzy of work and chores. Suddenly my 2 bedroom modestly sized flat, loomed large. The living room seems like an unnecessary addition to the floor plan, considering the fact we hardly even sat there. The enormous balcony in front looked even more threatening as the dry leaves seemed to be multiplying on its surface. As I would go to bed at night, every pore in my body would literally cry out in exhaustion. With the vessels in the kitchen sink reproducing like rabbits, cooking all three meals, cleaning the house and of course keeping the child sufficiently entertained and occupied, it all felt like I had bitten off more than I could chew.

 As we were living in an area surrounded by trees, in the evenings spotting a variety of creepy crawlies was part of normal life. We had a number of methods that we had employed to take care of these pests. Dim lighting and using essential oils helped us in pest control to some extent.It was also during this time that I noticed an occasional cockroach here and there. But one night when I went to the kitchen to grab a glass of water and switched on the lights, I shuddered as I saw nearly 20 of them scurrying off in various directions.I realized, along with all the chores I would also have to try out some do it yourself pest control products to kill cockroaches in your home.

And before the first lockdown could end, the second was announced and then the third and so forth. Now the lockdown has been lifted but we are allcontinuing with a self-imposed lockdown. No one wants to take a chance. With the situation getting grimmer by the day,it has become clear that stepping out of the house is definitely not an option in the near future.

It is also during this time that I realized, that while there are ways to cut corners there are certain chores that just have to be done.Not doing them or procrastinating them could often lead to the situation getting worse.

Some of the chores that I needed to tackle on a daily basis were:-

Simple meals

Making all three meals is not a big deal if you are organised and plan in advance. You really can’t prepare a gourmet meal each time and ordering food from outside is something that many of us are not comfortable with during these times.

Keeping your kitchen well stocked with all the supplies you need, without compromising on healthy foods like green and leafy vegetables and fruits, helps you prep for your meals easily.

Your freezer and pantry can prove to be your best friends in times like this. Marinated meat, portions of boiled dal, vegetables etc. can be stored and used as per requirement.

In South Indian households like mine, where a lot of coconut is used, grating the coconut and storing it in the freezer, preparing batter for idli, dosa in advance, which can be used during the week, are some tips that I have been following religiously.

Cleaning up the kitchen and doing the dishes

It was when I spotted the cockroach infestation in my kitchen that I realised how important this step was. There were times when I would leave the dirty dishes in the sink overnight and wash them the next day. Cockroaches would often end up feasting on the remnants of oil, fat and sugar left behind on the plates and utensils. I realized that keeping my kitchen clean also acts as an effective pest control method. But if you have already spotted an infestation then do it yourself pest control products like a cockroach killer gel would help to kill cockroaches. I personally used the HIT anti roach gel which is an effective way to kill cockroaches in home.

Emptying the trash out on a daily basis becomes essential for pest control as not only flies but also cockroaches enjoy feeding on rotten food scraps in dustbins. Wiping down all the kitchen counters and mopping the floor are also important for pest control for cockroaches as they feed on the smallest of crumbs, food particles and spills.


As long as my family and I had enough clothes to wear, doing laundry everyday did not seem to feature on my to do list. But this would often lead to an overflow of laundry and if by chance it started raining, then I was stuck with a load full of damp clothes refusing to get dry.

I also observed that pests like cockroaches are attracted to stains and sweat on clothes as well. Our dirty clothes lying in the laundry hamper were anatural attractant to cockroaches. Doing at least one load of laundry per day, didn’t allow it to pile up and get overwhelming. At the same time it also acted as an effectivepest control measure to keep away cockroaches. I also used a do it yourself pest control product like HIT anti-roach gel below my hamper and the corners inside to kill the cockroaches lurking around it.

Keeping the house tidy

Keeping the house tidy need not necessarily mean deep cleaning the house every day. It just means putting away things where they belong.

While it can be quite a struggle considering the fact that the entire family is at home the entire day, I had to do the tidying up bit multiple times a day.

With a cockroach infestation in the house, I realised that tidying up the house is also a great way to get rid of cockroaches and an effective pest control method. This followed by a treatment of do it yourself pest control products like HIT anti roach gel will help kill cockroaches effectively.

Decluttering the house is a great way to keep away cockroaches. The more clutter you have in your house, the more places for cockroaches to hide and thrive. Cockroaches prefer to hide in secluded areas. Clutter provides just the kind of dark nooks and crannies where cockroaches can dwell.

Don’t make the mistake I did of stacking magazines and newspapers out in the open as cockroaches feed on paper as well.Ensure all the junk and un-needed items are stored away properly or discarded if not useful.

Also, things were often getting strewn around the whole house. They did not necessarily belong to me, but they definitely contributed to the mess. This was one chore where all the members of the family coulddefinitelyparticipate in. Everyone including my son had to keep away his things which helped in getting rid of piles of clutter.

Keeping aside some time for self-care and personal hygiene

During these times, when anxiety was overpowering my sanity, I had to ensure that I was giving myself some time. Staying at home, didn’t mean that I had to be in my track pants or pyjamas all day long. Having a bath, brushing my teeth, combing my hair, wearing a clean dress, getting adequate sleep and taking a few mental breaks throughout the day was the bare minimum I could do for myself. This not only helped me feel better physically but also mentally. Exercising for half an hour also helped uplift my mood.

There are a couple of other chores that I do on a weekly basis,

These include

1. Cleaning the bathroom

I noticed that there are quite a few cleaning tasks that I could put off for the day when things were getting too much to handle. This task didn’t have to be done on a daily basis until absolutely necessary. An ideal scenario was to be ableto clean the bathroom at least thrice a week. Bathrooms have a tendency to get really dirty if not cleaned regularly. It can also turn into a breeding hub for germs and other pests like cockroaches which can prove to be a health hazard if not addressed on time.

I saw that cockroaches love hiding under sinks because they are also a great source of water. Cockroaches werealso attracted to soapresidue, toilet paper lint, dead skin and hair that accumulated in the bathroom. The weekly cleaning made sure that the bathroom was free from all these attractants and proved to be an excellent pest control technique. Using a do it yourself pest control product like a cockroach killer gel in the cupboards and shelves, helped to kill cockroaches in toilet.


2. Pest Control

During the course of this time, I came to know that keeping my house clean is one of the fundamental requirements of pest control.Handling all the chores by myself for the past couple of months has allowed me to maintain some semblance of cleanliness if not a thoroughly clean home. I can’t deny the fact that I have cut some corners and probably that’s why I had to deal with a massive cockroach infestation as well.

Some ways in which I ensured my house was ridden of pests were by following the steps below:-

  1. I ensured that all the cracks, holes and crevices in all walls, near the doors, windows and other areas of the home were sealed, to block all entry points for cockroaches and other creepy crawlies
  2. I didn’t leave any food uncovered. All food items were stored in air tight containers.
  3. All leaky faucets and pipes were repaired as cockroaches thrive in areas with water or where moisture content is high.
  4. I removed all sources of standing water and made sure the bathroom and kitchen areas were dry at all times.

I also used a cockroach killer gel to eliminate the infestation in my house completely. HIT Anti-Roach Gel is a cockroach nest killer. The gel has special ingredients which attract cockroaches. On consumption of the gel, cockroaches go back to their nest and die. Other cockroaches that come in contact with those dead cockroaches also die, resulting in elimination of the cockroach nest.

I applied the cockroach killer gel in areas like below the gas cylinder, corners of the refrigerator, in the cabinets and hinges of drawers and basically any nook and crannies where I felt these cockroaches could be hiding.

As Hit Anti Roach Gel is a spot applicant and does not spread, I didn’t need to cover food, utensils etc.This makes it the most effective cockroach solution. However adequate care had to be taken to keep it away from direct contact with any food material to avoid possible contamination.

The anti roach gel was found to be effective up to 45 days after which I reapplied it. I took care so that the gel was not washed/wiped off during this period.

This entire period has been tough but also a learning experience. While I struggled with all the household chores, it also helped us bond as a family. I also realized that home maintenance needs to happen in tandem with the use of chemical products to achieve effective pest control. Do it yourself pest control products like the Hit anti roach gel has been a blessing during these times which helped me tackle a huge infestation with ease.





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