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Mosquitoes In India: How Mosquito Killer Spray Helps

Mosquito is a perennial problem for Indian households. Though monsoon is the breeding season for mosquitoes, you can find mosquitoes biting you in the summer season. When it comes to time, it is indeed true that mosquitoes attack the most from dusk till dawn. 

Remember how from time immemorial we have heard that doors and windows should be closed in the evening time. Though helpful, closing doors isn’t enough. 

The menace of mosquitoes affects everyone in the family. Adults can’t focus on the work at hand due to the flying beast sitting on your body parts and biting on your hands and legs. Children can’t play or study due to itchy and painful bites. You can’t even sleep as they buzz around the ears. 

Sometimes it even seems outrageous. ‘Why on earth is the mosquito after me?’, we ask in desperation. Even if it is a single mosquito it can disturb you to no end. This is where HIT mosquito spray can be helpful. An easy to use and effective spray can eliminate the mosquitoes flying around in your home. Therefore, keeping one at home is beneficial to curb the mosquito menace. 

Mosquito related diseases in India

Mosquito leads to mosquito bites and mosquito bites lead to diseases. This has been the story of mosquitoes in India. There are different types of diseases caused by the mosquitoes as they can transmit infectious pathogens from one human to others. It is the female mosquitoes that spread diseases. 

Millions of people suffer from dangerous diseases like Malaria, Dengue and Chikungunya. It is hard to imagine how a small insect like mosquito can be so dangerous. Isn’t it?

Why are there so many mosquitoes in India?

There are many reasons why India is home to so many mosquitoes and related diseases. 

  • Climate in India is suitable for mosquitoes to breed without any obstacle. The tropical climate along with many months of monsoon is a boon for mosquitoes. Breeding is easy with collected water all over. Thus, mosquito infestation reaches the maximum during and after the monsoon season. 
  • While they breed in monsoon, they are most active in the summer season. As the temperature rises, it supports reproduction. This leads to a hard time for us humans with mosquito attacking us from all sides in summer.
  • The gutters, potholes, leaking sewage and rainwater, isolated containers with water and other open spaces filled with water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. This is especially true in rural as well as semi-urban areas.
  • Awareness among people is very less. Many do not know how mosquitoes populate and how mosquito bites can lead to various diseases. 

How mosquito killer spray helps?

As controlling mosquito breeding needs collective effort, it is difficult to end the mosquito infestation in India. Preventive measures have limited power or effect in the long run. So, what can you do? On the personal level, you can use Mosquito Killer Sprays which are highly effective in killing the mosquitoes that enter your home. 

Which is the best spray to kill mosquitoes?

Best mosquito spray in the market KALA HIT has the following features:

  • Deadly or otherwise, mosquitoes are found to hide in your home. There are specific places where you will always find mosquitoes hovering or resting. The effective KALA HIT can be sprayed on such places and destroy the mosquitoes. 
  • Moreover, there are specific places like curtains, under the sofa, cabinet, wardrobe, bed and kitchen sink where you must use mosquito killer spray. This will prevent mosquito infestation and keep mosquitoes at bay. 
  • The nozzle mechanism can help to reach places where mosquitoes may be hiding.
  • You can use KALA HIT at around 6 PM every day in India. That’s when mosquitoes become active and barge into homes to bite you.
  • KALA HIT is effective against mosquitoes and flies.

How does mosquito spray work?

Mosquito killer sprays are deadly for the mosquitoes. Now it may sound a little bit scientific but believe us it helps you understand what you are using at your home. So, mosquito sprays are formed with compounds from the pyrethroids family. It affects the nervous system of mosquitoes as soon as you spray the chemical on it. It leads to paralysis and death. 

This leads to a natural question, is KALA HIT safe to use?

Is HIT spray dangerous?

HIT spray is completely safe to use as it is designed to kill mosquitoes. Unless you spray it on your body, KALA HIT spray does not harm humans in small quantity. In case you spray accidentally, make sure to wash thoroughly with soap and water. If the product gets into your eyes, wash for 15 minutes minimum. If you feel any symptoms of poisoning, seek medical attention immediately. 

Also, please do not use KALA HIT with pets around you as it can be dangerous for them.

Mosquito Repellent Sprays 

Mosquitoes smell the carbon dioxide released by humans. They are attracted to it form at least 50 m away. Soon, they reach near and set you as the target. After analysing the heat, they decide to attack you. Body smell also attracts mosquitoes. 

Mosquito repellent sprays blocks or confuses the sense of smell in mosquitoes. This is how DEET and essential oils work on mosquitoes and other insects. Mosquito repellents aren’t as effective as mosquito killer sprays.

Other prevention tips

For Malaria, Chikungunya and Dengue prevention in India, you must follow these tips:

  • Repair all the leaking taps, pipes and fix other plumbing issues to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes inside your home. 
  • Cover your water tank or buckets with water at all times.
  • Keep windows and doors closed, especially if you live at places with mosquito infestation.
  • Fix the gap in doors and windows.
  • Wear long pants and shirts with sleeves so that no body part is exposed to the mosquito.
  • Keep home, kitchen and bathroom clean.
  • Use mosquito repellent products for mosquito prevention.

Use KALA HIT mosquito killer spray from Godrej always and especially during peak seasons when Malaria, Dengue and Chikungunya spread rapidly in India. This will keep you and your family safe and healthy.

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