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Insect Proofing Your House During Lockdown - Pest Control Tips

While some people may not bat an eyelid at the sight of a spider or cockroach, some may bring down the house at the mere sight of a beetle. But whatever said and done, these creepy crawlies definitely don’t belong in the house. Throwing a slipper or a shoe to kill cockroaches

 or swatting flies with a folded newspaper is how most of us try to handle these insects that have welcomed themselves into the house. One thing we will all agree on is that this is definitely not an effective method of pest control.

While harbouring these pests may not bring any immediate danger but they sure do create unhygienic conditions in the house. At times they can be just plain infuriating. From the buzzing sound of flies to the clicking and rustling sounds of termites, they can end up giving you sleepless nights. While bees, wasps and scorpions can give you painful stings that can result in swelling and inflammation, insects like flies, mosquitoes and ticks can cause major diseases in human beings and pets. Also, the common cockroach can be a major source of allergies and asthma attacks in both adults and kids. All this goes on to show why pest control is vital.

However, it’s easier said than done to bug proof one’s house completely. Did you know that there are nearly 10 quintillion bugs in the world? That only means that there are more than a billion insects per person in this world. That’s not a very comforting thought. While prior to this pandemic, getting pest control done by professionals would have been a common practice, but now with the lockdown as the new normal, getting professional pest control done can prove to be more logistically challenging than usual. This makes one increasingly dependent on Do It Yourself pest control products, as an effective option for pest control in lockdown.

Even though an occasional beetle or ladybug is inevitable, one definitely need not allow easy access to these insects in one’s house. While one must be definitely concerned about insects which can bite or wreck havoc in the house one need not worry about the ones that cause no harm like mites.

Insects too need food, water and shelter like human beings to sustain themselves. So, by getting rid off their food supply and by making their favourite hiding spots uninhabitable with do it yourself pest control products, one can bring down the risk of these insects taking shelter in your house drastically. For example, an anti roach gel can be the perfect ‘home pest control solution’ to kill cockroaches crawling around your house.

However, the best way to prevent infestation of any sort is to keep bugs out of the house completely. To do this, you will have to seal up the various cracks holes and crevices in your home’s exterior. By blocking the various entry points that insects use to gain access to the house easily, one can definitely improve their chances at achieving a completely bug proof house.

Below are some pest control tips and methods to efficiently insect proofing your house:-

1. Sealing the doors

Every night we ensure that the locks on our doors are fastened before we sleep to ensure that no intruders enter our house. Similarly we need to ensure that our doors are properly sealed to keep out all unwanted pests. If you actually spend time examining the entrance pathway to your house and the door, you will be astonished to find the number of unsealed gaps which are like open invitations to these unwelcome creatures.

In order to ensure that insects do not find their way through gaps under your door, install a sturdy steel or aluminium threshold under the door which will greatly help as a pest control measure. However, a threshold combined with a door sweep will provide even better protection. A door sweep is basically a budget-friendly economical equipment that can be easily purchased at any hardware store. They basically act as an effective cover for the gap between the threshold and bottom of the doors. The nylon brush sweeps offer much more effective pest control in comparison to the vinyl or neoprene options.

Using a weather-stripping or door seal kit along the perimeter of the door frame will prevent insects from getting in either from the sides or top of the door.

However one must remember that no amount of door sealing techniques will help if the door is left open. If you have forgetful kids or an absent minded spouse, then installing a door closer will be just the thing you need. A door closer basically works on a hydraulic system. It automatically closes and latches your door after it’s been opened. They can also be tweaked to control the closing speed and power.

In case you have already spotted a cockroach scurrying around, application of HIT anti roach gel along the hinges of the doors will help kill cockroaches efficiently.

2. Add screens

During summers everyone is tempted to leave their doors and windows open to usher in some fresh air. While this is definitely one of the easiest ways to naturally ventilate one’s house, the hot and humid weather in summers is also the time when mosquitoes, flies and other insects would look for shelter in your house.

To enjoy the fresh air on your face without the presence of these annoying insects, installing screens on doors and windows can be a great pest control measure. A 20 mesh or fine screen will help keep out common household pests. Checking these screens regularly for tears should be part of the house maintenance schedule.

3. Maintain the area outside the house

An important pest control tip is always to work from outside to inside. In case you have a garden or a lawn, then the maintenance of the same plays a very important role in keeping out these pesky creatures, especially when it comes to keeping away mosquitoes and flies. Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water, so eliminating any pools of water along the periphery of the house becomes essential.

To eliminate water pooling, check out areas where water collects in your lawn. Getting rid of standing water by unclogging rain gutters, emptying children’s play pool, cleaning bird baths and emptying unused containers are some other measures that can be taken. Water tanks, drums and buckets with water must be covered at all times to prevent access to mosquitoes.

Cleaning up dried leaves and other debris, as well as trimming grass at regular intervals becomes important as these are perfect hiding spots for insects. This in turn could lead to an infestation which may be difficult to eliminate.

4. Mend cracks and holes

Considering the miniature size of most bugs, it’s not surprising to see the ease with which they enter houses through the tiniest of cracks and holes, which may often be missed by the house owner. Plugging holes and sealing cracks that are present on the outer parts of the house is a very effective Do It Yourself pest control measure.

5. Maintain cleanliness at all times

Crumbs, open food, tiny fragments lying on the floor or other surfaces are like fodder for insects. A clean home is one of the most crucial steps to achieve a bug free house.

Cockroaches love dwelling in dark corners as they hate light and can eat almost anything including paper. Avoid cluttering areas with boxes, magazines, books as they are potential food sources as well. Storing food in air tight containers and cleaning the refrigerator regularly are some other pest control tips.

You can do pest control on your own with an anti roach gel like HIT anti roach gel which is a perfect ‘home pest control solution’.

6. Kill cockroaches effectively with this trick

This lockdown, you can do pest control on your own with products like HIT anti roach gel which is a great way to kill these unsanitary creatures. HIT anti roach gel is a cockroach nest killer. It is a safe, effective, simple to use, odourless and hassle free way to kill cockroaches.

The HIT anti roach gel has some special ingredients which make cockroaches gravitate towards it. Once the anti roach gel is consumed by cockroaches, the insect goes back to its nest and dies. Other cockroaches get attracted to these dead cockroaches and they in turn ingest the HIT anti roach gel. Thus HIT anti roach gel does not merely kill cockroaches but eliminates the nest itself making it the perfect home pest control solution.

7. Seal and block all utility openings

At some point in time you may have had a utility installation done in your house. It could have been a new cable line, internet service or even phone wiring. All of this would have required drilling of holes into the walls of your house. Most probably, it’s these gaps that are giving access to the bugs, making pest control inevitable.

This also includes entry points of all pipes and wires made for water, gas, electrical or air conditioning purposes. An inspection of the exterior of the house for these types of openings which may be seen at either ground level or at the roof level will greatly help in pest control.

8. Store garbage properly

Open dust bins are like open invitations to pests like cockroaches and others. In order to prevent cockroaches from feasting on your trash, proper handling and storage of garbage is crucial. The dustbin should have a lid and must be preferably emptied everyday.

9. Repair all leaky piping

Inspection and repair of faulty plumbing will help reduce water availability to pests. However, it must be remembered that pests like cockroaches can survive without water for more than a month. This is when  application of Do It Yourself pest control products like HIT anti roach gel along these pipes, until they are repaired, will prevent an infestation from occurring.

10. Stay Dry

Water can spell trouble as they serve as breeding grounds as well as source of water supply for bugs. A sink filled with dirty dishes can be a clearly evident culprit. Also areas like the basement and attic tend to be damp. Using dehumidifiers and keeping the area clean of any debris will ensure that there's no scope of infestation.

11. Cover all large openings

Some of the biggest openings around the house may not be as easy to cover as the small holes and cracks. Large holes on the roof due to a chimney or vent will have to be covered with a fine wire mesh.

12. Chemical Control Measures

In case of an existing infestation, chemical control measures need to be put into action. During this lockdown, Do It Yourself pest control products are the best option to get rid of all the bugs and insect proofing your house.



Areas to be treated

The key to effectively kill cockroaches and other bugs at home is to identify the various areas where they can dwell. The various areas to be treated include corners of the refrigerator, kitchens, galleys, behind and along skirting boards, near the gas cylinder, in the cabinets and hinges of drawers, inside and outside sink, under chairs and tables, under loose floor coverings, ducts and pipes.

Method of Application

Apply the pest control product like HIT anti roach gel in the various identified areas, in dry areas only.

Frequency of treatment

How long the effects of a pest control treatment will remain depends on factors like thoroughness of application, the speed of reinfestation, whether dosage and formulation were applied as per specified instructions, temperature, humidity and type of surface on which it was applied.


Safety and precautions

Whenever you do pest control on your own, care must be taken to avoid food contamination. Avoid any area where children or babies can come in contact with the residue.

People depend on professional pest management companies which in the long run work out to be very expensive. But with the above mentioned house improvement steps along with efficient Do It Yourself pest control products like HIT anti roach gel you can tackle these unwanted pests during this lockdown successfully.

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