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How cockroaches can make you sick

How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches: All That You Wanted To Know About It

Cockroaches are everywhere. Millions of them pop up now and then and live around all across the world. You can find them creepily crawling towards you from every nook and corner of your room, bathroom and kitchen sink. The site itself makes some people move away disgusted and others freak out.

What about children?  

To some, cockroaches are the most terrifying thing on the planet. Why wouldn’t they be? After all, those long antennae and legs are scary enough. While for others, they know cockroaches are baddies and deserve to be squashed. 

For adults, cockroaches can be an appetizer killer. Imagine you are hungry and you barge into the kitchen and look for the food. And suddenly you find a cockroach or a group of them passing on near the food. Isn’t it is true that at such moments all you want is to take the LAL HIT and just empty it on them? Of course many feel the same way. 

And what about bathrooms?

Bathrooms are the royal place for cockroaches to thrive and survive. The place provides them with enough food and water for living. They feed on the food crumbs in washbasins and drain pipes and grow big. Even though you flush down one in the toilet, many more come up out of nowhere. This is the reason you should keep these places clean and hygienic. This will force them out of such places. The same thing applies to the kitchen. Find more about prevention tips later in the blog. 

Did You Know?

A female cockroach can produce close to 30,000 babies in a year.

Know Your Creepy Enemy

As much you try to exterminate cockroaches, you may find that success is not guaranteed. This is because cockroaches have some special abilities and therefore understanding your creepy enemy a little bit will help you a lot to fight it. 

  • Cockroaches are pretty quick. Ever tried squashing a cockroach with your shoe? Then, you know that it doesn’t work always. They are well equipped to know where the attack comes from and agile enough to move fast in the other direction.
  • Bodies of cockroaches can withstand the pressure of your broom or shoe. A single blow doesn’t help or affect them. This is the reason they can escape through holes and crevices larger than them.
  • Resilience of a cockroach is incredible. They can survive for more than 45 days without food and only with water. This is the reason you will find them exactly when you thought they are gone.
  • Breeding is unmatched in cockroaches. In a short amount of time, female cockroaches can create multiple eggs and store them, producing throughout their lifetime.
  • Cockroaches are typical scavengers and therefore they are always on the lookout for a wide variety of food like leftover food particles, crumbs, wax, gum etc. Some even eat paper with glue and feed on a soap.

Did You Know?

Cockroaches can live on after losing their heads for over a week due to their special bodily abilities.

Diseases Caused By Cockroaches

Cockroaches do not spread diseases directly as mosquitoes do. These nasty creatures need a food source. They are therefore most attracted to garbage bins and feed on the spoiled food and carry pathogens on their body. Although cockroaches are synonymous with filth and dirt, they can infiltrate your cleanly made food. Even when you have the best-kept kitchen in the whole world, cockroaches can easily deposit bacteria and other pathogens to your food in the kitchen. 

Additionally, cockroaches can carry disease-causing living microorganisms on their digestive system. They release it either through saliva or faeces. Often, cockroaches are known to vomit food before ingestion. This way they transmit the diseases to humans through contaminated food. A really weird way of spreading diseases, isn’t it?

Take note, cockroaches can carry over 60 different kinds of pathogenic bacteria, fungi, worms, viruses and cause diseases like:

  • Food Poisoning
  • Diarrhoea
  • Vomiting
  • Staph
  • Urinary Tract Infection
  • Digestive Problems
  • Sepsis
  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Typhoid

World Health Organization reports that cockroaches play a supplementary role in causing a number of fatal diseases. Indeed, Cockroaches are not just scary but can be deadly too

This obviously leads to the all-important question – How on earth can we get rid of cockroaches then?

Did You Know?

Cockroaches are believed to be older than dinosaurs and there are more than 4000 species of it in the world.

How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches

Now that you know how dangerous creepy cockroaches are, there are several methods you can use to deal with this menace. 

Use Killer Sprays

Using killer sprays are one of the best methods to eliminate hidden cockroaches hidden behind the kitchen, sink pipe, under the fridge and other common places at home. With easy to use repellent sprays like LAL HIT, you can keep cockroaches at bay. 

Use Tight Food Containers

Keep your food in tightly fit containers. Do not give cockroaches the opportunity to feed on anything. Also, do not leave any food uncovered after cooking or for extended hours.

Keep Kitchen and Bathroom Clean

Don’t leave leftovers or crumbs on the kitchen sink or washroom drain pipes. Keep your kitchen and bathroom clean by removing garbage regularly. If possible, avoid keeping waste bin inside the kitchen. Similarly, keep the toilets and sinkholes closed. This will force away the cockroaches from home. 

Fix Water Leakages

We already discussed how cocky cockroaches can survive on water alone. Hence, it is necessary to check your kitchen or bathroom for any sort of water leakages. This will make it difficult for cockroaches to survive.

Seal Gaps

Seal gaps, cracks in the walls, floors, and cabinets. This will prevent cockroaches from hiding behind or under them. It will increase visibility too and you can determine how serious the infestation is. 

Use Roach Gel

It is one of the modern ways to kill cockroaches. At the same time, roach gel is a very easy and hassle-free way to prevent your family from cockroach scare. This get acts as bait for cockroaches. Once they consume it, they go back to the best and die. 

Make sure you use a professionally made roach gel like that from Godrej – HIT Anti Roach Gel. It is a powerful pest control product. 

Godrej HIT products also include LAL HIT, the most effective cockroach killer spray in India. Add anti-cockroach products from Godrej HIT to your cabin and keep your family from diseases spread by cockroaches. 



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