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Find Out How Cockroach Spray Works & Much More

Do you know that cockroaches are older than dinosaurs? Some even suggest that they existed even before the dinosaurs. That’s too long a time. Yet, there are no possible methods discovered even today to prevent cockroach infestation and put an end to the nasty and creepy crawlers. Somehow they have survived and continue to survive. 

Well, kudos to cockroach’s survival instinct! But they don’t have to survive or thrive inside your home. Your kitchen and bathroom should be the last place where they need to be. There are some quick and effective cockroach sprays in India which can put an easy end to cockroach menace inside your home. One of the most popular and effective cockroach spray is LAL HIT from the trusted brand Godrej to get rid of cockroaches.

How does cockroach spray work?

Simply put, cockroach sprays are designed to kill the cockroaches. Have you wondered how the cockroach curls up, feels dizzy and ultimately dozes off or dies after spraying the product on it? Well, more than magic it is specially and carefully designed formulations which act on the cockroaches and eliminate them easily. 

Most of the cockroach sprays have synthetic pyrethrins and pyrethroids as active ingredients. Just to elaborate it a bit, these are organic compounds found in chrysanthemum flowers. Thanks to such things in existence, we have something in our hand to fight the cockroach war and we are succeeding at our homes. 

How does it really work? When the cockroaches or other pests are sprayed with cockroach spray, they absorb it through the skin. As soon as the chemicals strike their bodies, a knockdown effect is felt by these red insects, preventing nerves to transmit signals or messages. This leads to paralysis and death. 

Are the chemicals harmful? Yes for cockroaches and No for human beings. The metabolism and excretion process is fast in human beings. Therefore, such a small amount of chemicals doesn’t affect us in any way. Also, products like LAL HIT are tried and tested. WARNING! But of course, you should never spray them on your skin either as it can lead to dangerous consequences.

Cockroach Repellent Sprays

DEET, Picaridin, lemon eucalyptus oil are some of the ingredients that work as repellents. These do not kill the cockroaches but confuses them. Pests are known to use the sense of smell to find food or other things. When you spray cockroach repellent, it confuses their smell and takes them away from you. While this may be a temporary solution, it won’t help you permanently get rid of cockroaches.

Why you need cockroach killer in India?

Indian households have two common enemies; mosquitoes and cockroaches. You can go to any part of the country and you may find both these insects creating havoc, disturbing the peace, scaring the kids and people trying to find better solutions to this problem. Alas! All they need is a LAL HIT for dealing with cockroaches and killing them all.

Cockroaches are common in India

  1. Open drains, potholes, gutters, sewage pipes are commonly found in rural and semi-urban areas of India. Most of the homes are situated close to each other and close to such gutters and drains. It plays a perfect habitat for cockroaches to grow and multiply at such places. This makes them move from open drains to the homes in search of food. 
  2. Leaving the dishes to clean later or after long hours is one of the things that attract cockroaches. Cockroaches are scavengers who come in search of crumbs and food leftovers. 
  3. India has a tropical climate and we have monsoons for many months. Cockroaches can survive without food but not without water. Leaky taps, pipes and kitchen pipes make it easy for them to search for water and find it at homes. 
  4. Lastly, cockroaches live in garbage and waste. They thrive in sewers and drainage systems. Improper waste management and garbage disposal mechanism lead to littering on street and some portion of the waste remains near homes. This again makes cockroach enter homes and infest.

Cockroach spread diseases

If cockroaches were just irritating and loathsome, people wouldn’t hate cockroaches. They have this nagging habit of going places like the kitchen, moving over food, walking down our clothes etc. All this makes you feel disgusting, isn’t it? You should be. After all, these insects live in garbage, feed on waste food and live in the dirt. But this isn’t the end. 

In fact, cockroaches are regarded as insects which cause innumerable diseases in humans. The pathogens they carry in their body and spread through saliva and waste is simply audacious, to say the least. Different kind of diseases like food poisoning, stomach infection and others are caused indirectly through cockroaches. 

Cockroach infestation at home can lead to devastating consequences. Everyone at home can get infected. Keeping food safe will be difficult. They can completely disturb your peace. 

How to get rid of cockroaches?

Now that you know how cockroach spray works, start using it to get rid of cockroaches. Lal HIT cockroach spray is one of the best cockroach killer sprays in the market. It has several features to its name. Let’s find out what they are:

  • Cockroaches have the tendency to hide in dark places away from the sight of people. These places can range from the kitchen sink to under the fridge. The deep reach nozzle of LAL HIT makes it extra effective against hidden cockroaches. The spray easily reaches innermost spaces and kills cockroaches.
  • LAL HIT is powerful enough to kill the disease spreading cockroaches with just one application. 
  • There are specific places like near the dustbin, near the gas cylinder, kitchen sink, cabinets and under the fridge where cockroaches generally hide. Spray the LAL HIT on these places and keep cockroaches at bay. 
  • It is highly effective in the destruction of an entire colony or infestation of cockroaches. 
  • Be careful that you don’t use the cockroach spray onto your skin, near your pets.
  • LAL HIT is effective against insects such as ants, bed bugs and more.
  • If you accidentally spray it on the body, wash skin thoroughly with soap and water.

Godrej has another powerful home pest control product - HIT Anti Roach Gel. This is one of the modern products and the best cockroach killer in India.



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