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Easy Way To Do Pest Control During Social Distancing – DIY Pest Control

From lockdown to social distancing, we have seen numerous ways of maintaining distance in the last few months. Nowadays ‘work from home’ and ‘entertain from home’ are the new ways of living. You are social distancing from your friends and family to break the chain of the virus, yet, distancing from certain creatures remains a huge problem.


Cockroaches are little red devils that make your home stay so uncomfortable. Now, you surely don’t want to run behind cockroaches when you have to clean, cook, and work from home. Additionally, you can’t hire professional pest control for cockroaches in the worry of spreading the virus. Yet you have to control pestsduring social distancing because roaches create so many problems which can be dangerous for the health of your family.


Why Should Pest Control Be Done During Social Distancing?


Lockdown has pretty much contained our lives inside the four walls of our house. Besides our immediate family, we can’t socialize with other people. But pests present in your home don’t have to live under so many restrictions; they can freely move around your home and create new health problems for your family every day.


Yes, by not going out, you might save yourself from COVID-19, but to protect yourself from pests living inside your home, you have to do pest control. You have to kill cockroaches on priority despite the lockdown because just one cockroach can lead to numerous health problems.


Keep Infection Outside –


From face masks to hand sanitizers, you are following all the safety guidelines to keep infection out of your home. But, if you are not planning to kill cockroaches at home, you are giving a free pass to so many infections. Cockroaches can carry millions of pathogens and bacteria cells along with them and can make your family sick. In young children, roaches can cause asthma, which is highly problematic in the present conditions. Thus, if you want to keep infection outside your home, you should get the HIT anti-roach gel.


Reduce the Chances of Allergies


Monsoon is a humid season, which is a perfect time for pests to breed and spread infection. Allergies and itching is the common type of infection that pests cause. Therefore, if you do pest control at your home without waiting for the lockdown to lift, you can prevent your family from numerous allergies and itching problems. By staying healthy, you can reduce pressure from the medical services so that people who are seriously unwell can receive better treatment.


Have a Sound Sleep


Your sleeping patterns play a very important role in the betterment of your health. When you are spending your nights watching out for the cockroaches so that they won’t enter your kitchen and contaminate your food, you can’t sleep peacefully. The tough nights are going to reflect on your health and will make you sick. Thus, you have to find a way to kill cockroaches in your home so that you can have a goodnight’s sleep without worrying about roaches.


Boost Immunity


Today, if you want to shield your body from the virus, you have to work on improving your immunity. To improve immunity, you have to eat healthy food and exercise daily. But, if you have pests in your home, you can’t eat healthy or exercise properly. If you have an army of cockroaches residing in your kitchen, they will contaminate your healthy food. Secondly, you can’t go  for your workout due to social distancing; thus, you have to work out at home. But, when creepy crawlies are moving in your home, you can hardly workout properly even  inside your own home. So, kill cockroaches with HIT anti roach gel so that you can improve your immunity.


How To Do Pest Control for Cockroaches?


Pest control is a very common and old practice to get rid of diseases spreading pests. There are different ways that have been adopted by people to do pest control for cockroaches. The basic step of conducting pest control is to gather up knowledge of the pest that you want to kill and use the effective pest control method. In our case, we are finding solutions to kill cockroaches, so we have the following pest control method options to try –


Biological Pest Control –


 It is the oldest technique to kill cockroaches, which is mostly practiced outdoors, but you can try inside the home as well. In this technique, natural enemies of the pests are introduced to kill them. The general enemies of cockroaches are toads, frogs, mice, shrews, spiders, and other arachnids.  Now, you can’t find these insects inside your home, your cockroaches are eventually going to die from old age or beetle larvae, silverfish might also eat them. During the lockdown, the biological pest control method cannot be easily practiced. So ignore it for now.


Professional Pest Control –


Nowadays, numerous types of chemically infused pest control products are available, which can easily kill cockroaches. But some chemicals are so dangerous and hazardous that you cannot use them without professional guidance. Thus, you can hire a professional pest control company to kill cockroaches at home. It is a good idea, but maybe a few months later, for as of now, you might unwittingly invite the coronavirus along with the professional experts. Moreover, during the lockdown, most companies,following strict guidelines,might be closed. So, professional pest control for cockroaches might not be a feasible solution under the prevailing conditions.


Do It Yourself Pest Control –


Do it yourself pest control means you and your family take the matter into your own hands and kill cockroaches at home. Without the help of professionals or natural enemies, you can get rid of stubborn cockroaches easily. There’s no rocket science in killing the cockroaches at your home. Do it yourself pest control is a safe and suitable pest control method while maintaining social distancing. For DIY pest control practice, you just have to do the following things –


Start with the Location Tracking – Foremost, you have to mark all the locations in your home where cockroaches are often seen. Under the bed, behind the refrigerator, near the sinks or bathtub, or any other dark and humid corners thatare the ideal cockroach hiding places. So, you should note down all the places where cockroaches are living in your home.


Get the Killing Equipment – Next, you have to order the perfect cockroach pest control products. There are plenty of different cockroach killers available in the market, but you should buy the cockroach killer that can be easily used,that kill cockroaches instantly, and don’t harm you. In short, you need a Godrej HIT Anti-roach gel, which is made from the special ingredients that attract cockroaches and kills the entire nest. Plus, you can easily use gel on the cockroach prone areas and kill cockroaches from all the hidden spots.


Maintain Standard Hygiene Level – Once you have killed cockroaches with anti roach gel, you should follow some standard hygiene rules so that cockroaches never enter your home again. You should never leave dirty dishes in your sink, properly cover your bathroom’s waste pipe and use HIT anti roach gel after 45 days’ interval to keep the cockroaches away from your home.


How to Use Anti-Roach Gel at Home?


After evaluating all the different methods of pest control, it is clear as daylight that do it yourself pest control is the best solution to kill cockroaches during the lockdown. It is a safe solution based on the standard social distancing guidelines. However, if you haven’t ever used Godrej HIT Anti-roach gel before, you can easily use it by the following steps –


Step 1. Find your Enemies


In the first step, you have to figure out where cockroaches are staying in your home. You have to mark all the areas in your home where you often meet and greet cockroaches. Commonly, cockroaches love to live in the dark and warm corners where you can’t easily reach them, such as the corner of your refrigerator, near your gas cylinders, in the cabinets, and other similar places.


Step 2. Apply Godrej HIT Anti-Roach Gel


Once you have mapped out cockroach prone areas in your home, you just have to unwrap the HIT anti-roach gel injection and activate it by clicking for at least 7-8 times (activation is required for the first time only). Next, you have to apply the gel in atleast ten corners in the cockroach prone zone. For instance, if you have cockroaches in the kitchen, you should apply anti roach gel in 10 dry corners of your kitchen. Now, if just one cockroach eats the gel and goes back to its nest, it will eradicate the entire nest from your home.


Step 3. Follow Up Actions


If you are following all the hygiene standards, even then, cockroaches can reappear anytime. Thus, you have to take follow up action after 45 days so that cockroaches never reappear. Just apply HIT anti-roach gel in 10 corners periodically, and you will never have unwanted creepy red house guests.


What Makes Do It Yourself Pest Control an Ideal Lockdown/Social Distancing Solution?


When you are maintaining all the social distancing guidelines and stepping out of your home only when it’s necessary, you are a good and informed citizen. But, it doesn’t mean that you have to live in terror of cockroaches. You can adopt do it yourself pest control method and make your home isolation comfortable. With the do it yourself pest control, you can gain numerous benefits –


Don’t Have to Worry – Today, if you call a stranger in your home to do pest control, you have to worry about sanitizing your entire home. On top of that, professional pest control companies use strong chemicals to kill cockroaches that can be dangerous for humans. Thus, you might have to vacate your home for at least 24 hours – now, where will you go in the times of social distancing? Well you can easily reduce all your worries with DIY pest control.


Simple Products – When you have young kids or pets at home, you cannot use strongchemically infused pest control products to kill cockroaches. You need to buy the mild pest control products that won’t harm your family in any way because you can’t go anywhere out. In the do it yourself pest control, you have the option to pick your pest control products according to your convenience.


Easy to Get Products – It is advised to shop online nowadays as much as possible to protect yourself from contagious infection. So, when you have to kill cockroaches on your own, you can effortlessly order HIT anti roach gel online from any grocery e-store and simply kill cockroaches.


Economical Solution - There’s no doubt that the economy has been dramatically impacted by the lockdown and now social distancing. Numerous people have lost their jobs, and many are suffering from job cuts. If you spend money on pest control for cockroaches in the slowdown, it will not be considered a smart move. Thus, you should postpone professional pest control services for the moment and adopt an economical DIY solution.


Easy to Use – As we have already shared the steps of using anti roach gel, it can be observed that within three easy steps you can get rid of cockroaches. When you can easily kill cockroaches within ten corner gel application, why spend thousands of rupees on professional pest control?


Avoid Hazardous Chemicals – Some of the chemicals used by professional pest control service providers are highly hazardous and can even cause numerous respiratory problems. Now, when your main focus is your health, why jeopardize your goals by inviting hazardous chemicals to your home?


Do It Yourself Pest Control – Lockdown Friendly Solution


If your home quarantine has been ruined by cockroaches, don’t wait for things to get normal but find a way to live in the ‘new normal.’ Do it yourself pest control using the powerful Godrej HIT Anti-roach gel is the perfect lockdown friendly pest control solution. This solution will guarantee that all the cockroaches vanish from your home and make your life comfortable. So, whenever you see cockroaches, just apply anti roach gel and relax.



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